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Correct information (truth) precedes useful knowledge and wisdom.

Are you one who is seeking truth?

"Choreographobia", an intense fear that what is being heard, seen, or presented is a very tight orchestration of information intended to compromise an individual and/or society standards, and deceitfully persuade as many as possible to walk away from previously accepted principles of time tested truths. The goal of Choreographers' is to justify their displacement of good with evil by promoting a false facade of a new freedom, which will continue our civil society on its journey towards safety and peace.

My name is Edmund. This is where you can find me. I do not live here, and yet it is known as my Home Page. I have no doubts, however, as to where I currently live. I also understand that I cannot determine the degree of your interests in what you find here, anymore than I can change your convictions or beliefs. I simply hope you enjoy your visit and are in some way inspired toward things which are true and the good that is ever-present in life.

A Serious and very intense Inquiry into John Bedini's Concepts
and a reverse engineered Transient Phase Simulation
to assist Fiddlers with an easy Implementation

Intro to An Energizing World of Mysterious Charges
Bedini and the School Girl Motor
In the Beginning There Were Spikes

Intro to My Very Interactive Transient Phase Simulation
Transient Phase Simulation Instructions
Build the Bedini School Girl They Knew
Building the Simplified SG Now Known

The Electric Car

What We Now Know

Ultimate Electric Car


The Tom Bearden Back Popping Website
Bedini's Concepts Expanded
Calloway's Efficiency Contributions
Bedini's Concepts Exploding
Profound Explanations to Bedini's Unusual Findings
Welcome to Bedini Technology
Bearden on Bedini's Negative Resistance

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